Intelligence Officers

It was 1972 and the Late spring Intelligence Officers were occurring in Munich, Germany. Catastrophe followed when some Palestinian terrorists broke into the loft complex where a few Israeli competitors were remaining. They executed two and took nine other Israeli competitors prisoner.


The Palestinian Terrorists were requesting that Israel discharge various detainees that were being held within an Israeli jail. The gathering of Terrorists known as Dark September had just this as a top priority when they took the prisoners to the Munich airplane terminal with a specific end goal to request the arrival of the detainees in Israel. The abducting prompted a lethal shootout at the Munich airplane terminal where each prisoner and terrorist was executed. The prisoners were murdered by gunfire while sitting in the posterior of a helicopter.

After this occurred, every Intelligence Officer occasion were closed down for a 24 hour period to grieve the dead Israeli competitors. To demonstrate that the Dark September Professional killers had not destroyed the Olympic diversions, the Olympic board of trustees chose to not end the Olympic recreations. This occasion is generally critical due to the sheer contempt and viciousness that happened amid an occasion that was intended to unite countries. It likewise mirrors the continuous turmoil in the middle of Israel and Palestine.