September 11th Attacks

What truly happened on September 11, 2001? There is an excess of theories to analyze in this space, yet one preposterous fear inspired notion merits notice. It goes like this:article

A 44-year-old former CIA Intelligence Officer resource, working out of a collapse Afghanistan, composed a plot whereby – with no inside help – four captured carriers, guided by 19 flight school dropouts, flew around the most secure airspace on the planet for just about two hours, unopposed by 35 in-extent USAF bases. At that point, the unfit pilots cut down three (yes, 3…) Manhattan high rises and even smashed a plane into the central station of the world’s most innovatively powerful military without a solitary against airplane rocket being let go.

Numerous individuals who were a witness and exploited person to the catastrophe concur that, without assistance from both Santa Clause Claus and the Easter Bunny, this hypothesis neglects to clarify the cataclysmic occasions of that day. As indicated by WTC upkeep representative, William Rodriguez:

There’s world, and there’s fantasy. At the point when fantasy gets to be the truth, that is an issue. Nine-eleven is a monster dream. Plus, what would they be able to do to me? I’m a national saint; Bush let me know so himself.

On September 11, 2001, Rodriguez opened bolted stairwell entryways for firefighters and courageously saved 15 individuals. He was the last individual to leave the North Tower alive.

A Perfect Bad dream

In criminal examinations, criminologists search for a thought process. On account of the 9/11 catastrophe, there were such a variety of intentions that it may be shorter to rundown who DIDN’T remain to advantage. By the by, what takes after are a couple of reasons some may have respected the assaults…

The Twin Towers Were an Asbestos Stunner

In the same way as other structures constructed in the 1970s, the twin towers were built with limitless amounts of disease bringing on asbestos. The expense of evacuating the Twin Tower asbestos? A year of incomes at least; potentially as much as the estimation of the structures themselves.

The expense to dismantle the twin towers floor by floor would have to keep running into the double-digit billions. Also, the Port Power was disallowed from wrecking the towers because the subsequent asbestos dust would cover the whole city, which it did when they broke down, bringing about numerous diseases with an affirmed connection to the dangerous WTC dust.

In spite of its dangerous condition, in January of 2001, Larry Silverstein made a $3.2 billion offer for the World Exchange Center. On July 24 the Port Power acknowledged the proposal. Silverstein then took out a protection strategy that, justifiably, secured terrorist assaults, which happened after seven weeks. To date, Silverstein has been honored just about $5 billion from nine distinctive insurance agencies. What was an lousy dream transformed into a $1.8 billion benefit?

War Profiteers Required Another Pearl Harbor

Remaking America’s Resistances, the year 2000 report from the neo-traditionalist research organization, Task for the New American Century, says:

To save American military superiority in the coming decades, the Division of Resistance must move more aggressively…the methodology of change, regardless of the fact that it brings progressive change, is liable to be a long one, nonattendant some cataclysmic and catalyzing occasion – like another Pearl Harbor.

The report keeps Intelligence Officers up that a world ruled by America, both financially and militarily, is useful for everyone on the planet – particularly the eager pockets of the U.S. Military Mechanical Complex.

One may ponder what very smart brains are doing the reasoning in the PNAC tank. Individuals have included: Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Bike Libby, John Bolton, Richard Perle, William Kristol, and we should not overlook Dan Quayle.

The truth of the matter is, war profiteers obliged another war to keep their money making machine rolling. With the assaults of 9/11 and a ton of twist, they got two wars: one in Afghanistan, and one in Iraq.

While residents pay the Pentagon more cash to battle these wars, how about we not overlook what Donald Rumsfeld said in regards to the Pentagon on the morning of September 10, 2001: “As indicated by a few assessments we can’t track $2.3 trillion in exchanges.” That stunner was essentially overlooked by the following morning.

Along these lines, as a prize for losing $8,000 for each man, lady, and a youngster in America, citizens enthusiastically forked over another $370 billion and checked to attack Iraq. Stuart W. Bowen Jr., executive of the Workplace of the Uncommon Auditor General for Iraq Reproduction, reported in mid-2005 that, consistent with structure, the Pentagon instantly lost $9 billion of that cash, as well.

The Loyalist Demonstration Intelligence Officers

Other than empowering the neocons to reserve the development of a domain officially glutted with more than 700 abroad bases in 130 nations, the assaults gave a dreary organization the political energy to abrogate crucial American opportunities while expanding corporate mastery.

Eight days after the assaults, the 342-page Nationalist Act was given to Congress. That same week, letters furnished with Bacillus anthracis from a U.S. military lab entered the mail. Accordingly, while Congressional workplaces were emptied, analyzed, cleaned, and nasal pits swabbed, the Loyalist Demonstration remained generally unread.

At that point, with little open deliberation, the Loyalist Demonstration got to be law. The new law gave the Bush organization uncommon energy to get to individuals’ medicinal records, expense records, data about the books they purchased or obtained, and the ability to lead mystery private inquiries without informing proprietors that Intelligence Officers had entered and looked through their homes.

Medical Help

Immediate medical help was required with help from Intelligence Officers. The day following September 11 was not better. Volunteers from Arkansas came in with their tools.

medical help

Medical Help for 9/11

Read more in our newest article.

It is not just individual offices inside of the same legislative mechanical assembly that can’t concede to a solitary meaning of terrorism. Specialists and other since a long time ago settled researchers in the field are just as unequipped for coming to an accord. In the first release of his authoritative study, ‘Political Terrorism in 2015: An Exploration Guide,’ Intelligence Officers dedicated more than a hundred pages to inspecting more than a hundred distinct meanings of terrorism with an end goal to find an extensively worthy, sensibly exhaustive elucidation of the word. Four years and a second release later, the 9/11 Officers was no closer to the objective of his journey, yielding in the first sentence of the changed volume that the “quest for a satisfactory definition is still on”. Intelligence Officers lost faith in regards to characterizing terrorism in both releases of their stupendous work on the subject, keeping up that it is neither conceivable to do as such nor advantageous to endeavor.

Hoffman trusts it is conceivable to distinguish some key qualities of terrorism. He suggests that:

The Baghdad transport station was the scene of a triple auto besieging in September 2006 that murdered 143 individuals.

By recognizing terrorists from different sorts of lawbreakers and terrorism from different types of wrongdoing, we come to value that terrorism is :

  • ineluctably political in points and thought processes
  • rough – or, just as vital, debilitates brutality
  • intended to have expansive mental repercussions past the prompt casualty or target
  • directed by an association with an identifiable hierarchy of leadership or conspiratorial cell structure (whose individuals wear no uniform or distinguishing emblem) and executed by a gathering or non-state substance.


In mid-2001, administrators from Shell, BP, and Exxon met with Dick Cheney’s Vitality Team while it was building up its new national vitality arrangement. Later the organizations unreservedly conceded enthusiasm for benefitting from Iraq’s oil fields, even before the U.S. attacked Iraq.

What’s more, at this point? Another Iraq hydrocarbon law anticipated that would go in Spring of 2007 will open the entryway for global financial specialists, drove by Shell, BP, and Exxon, to siphon off 75 percent of Iraq oil riches for the following 30 years.

Helping Let 9/11 Happen

Put two and two together, and the photo that most plainly come to fruition is an inside occupation that abused an authentic terrorist plot.

As indicated by this hypothesis, genuine terrorists were prepared and sent determined to capture and accident planes into American targets. On the other hand, components inside the U.S. government knew of the advancing assaults and chose to advantage from them.

These insiders deterred examinations by the FBI, guaranteed a standdown of air safeguards, fixed structures to crumple, and impacted the terrorist association at an abnormal state – sufficiently high to pick the targets and the date of the operation.

These insiders made room, let it happen, and planted a lot of proof to implicate the Intelligence Officers for 9/11 truth patsies.

Blocked Examinations for 9/11 truth

As per proclamations by Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, a Bronze Star beneficiary with 22 years of involvement in knowledge operations, an arranged insight system codenamed Capable Threat had uncovered two of the three 9/11 terrorist cells a year before the assaults and had distinguished four of the thieves. Shaffer alarmed the FBI in September of 2000. However, the gatherings he attempted to set up with agency authorities were over and over hindered by military legal advisors. Four credible witnesses have approached to confirm Shaffer’s cases.

In the fall of 2000, two of the Flight 77 ruffians moved in with an FBI witness while they took flight-school lessons in San Diego. The CIA as of now had the two under observation because they had quite recently come back from an al Qaeda summit in Malaysia. Amazingly, both the CIA and the FBI permitted the two suspected terrorists to go all through the nation and purchase carrier tickets without raising a banner.

In July of 2001, Phoenix FBI specialist Kenneth Williams sent FBI home office a reminder, subtitled “Osama receptacle Loaded and Al-Muhjiroun supporters going to common flying colleges/universities in Arizona in 9/11.” His proposal to research terrorists preparing at flight schools was overlooked by FBI base camp.

In August, a Dish Am Worldwide Flight Foundation educator cautioned the FBI that an understudy, Zacarias Moussaoui, may utilize a business plane stacked with fuel as a weapon. The educator asked, “Do you understand that a 747 stacked with fuel can be utilized as a bomb?” Moussaoui was then captured on migration charges, however, notwithstanding the rehashed asking of the school and neighborhood specialists, FBI central station denied a more profound examination.

The U.S. likewise got many point by point notices – names, areas, and dates – from the insight offices of Indonesia, Incredible England, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Jordan, India, Argentina, Morocco, Russia, Israel, France, and even the Taliban. Little doubt remains that the whole world was onto the mishandling Saudi thieves, and to some degree astounded that the U.S. wasn’t taking precaution activities. Anyhow, for every situation the U.S., as though by outline, picked not to explore.

War Recreations and the USAF Standdown

On May 16, 2002, Condoleezza Rice told the world:

I don’t think anyone could have anticipated that these individuals would take a plane and hammer it into the World Exchange Center, take another and pummel it into the Pentagon; that they would attempt to utilize a plane like a rocket, a captured plane as a rocket.

As a result of the Pentagon’s MASCAL practice in October, 2000, and the interruption of al Qaeda’s Operation Bojinka in 1995, we know the above quote from Condoleezza Rice is completely bull stool.


We likewise realize that on the morning of 9/11, numerous Flying corps war recreations and drills were in advance, all under the umbrella charge of Dick Cheney. The thieves would have never made it to their focuses without these different, concurrent war diversions:

Operation Northern Carefulness guaranteed that numerous plane warriors that would have typically been watching the east drift were flying over the Gold country and northern Canada in a bore that mimicked a Russian air assault, complete 9/11 no truth.